4 Nigerian Artistes Who Rely Too Much On The Power Of Videos

Videos are great tools for artistes and their effects on songs are powerful. What videos do is they push bad songs to a not-too-bad level and an average or good song to a great one. Many artistes in Nigeria now rely on this great tool. Rather than work hard on the quality of their songs, they channel huge resources to visuals to miraculously turn their songs into hits. A few of the artistes who practice this and examples of such videos will be discussed.


Kcee shoots the video of almost all the songs he does. Many of the songs, however, lack lyrical depth. He shoots most of these videos outside Nigeria especially South Africa. ‘Talk and Do’ and ‘Limba’ are typical examples. While a visual worked for ‘Limba’,  the visual for ‘Talk and Do’ could not do the magic. ‘Fine Face’ is an average Highlife song but he employed South African-based director, Mazi Jizzle and it turned into a very good song. I’m sure he listened to ‘Limba’ at least a couple of times before shooting the video. Being an almost gibberish song, he ought to have suspended the video shoot. Still, Kcee went to South Africa to shoot the video.

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It is common knowledge Mr Olu Maintain spends heavily on his videos. He does this outside Nigeria most times. Example of such videos is ‘Enough Effizi’. One could hardly understand the message of the song yet he went ahead to shoot a very expensive video. ‘Olu in Brazil’, and recently released ‘Excuse My French’ are also examples.


JJC is known to shoot videos for almost all the songs he releases from ‘Motiwa’ ft Olamide, which was shot in London to ‘Save The Last Dance’, ‘Somebody Loves You’ and more. They are average songs. The visuals could not elevate the songs neither did they improve the image of the singer.


Davido is one of the leading music talents in Nigeria. He does great songs and videos but used the ‘video magic’ for a couple of his songs. ‘Dodo’ ought to be below average. Adasa Cookey helped him transform the song- with a sweet story, choreography and vintage costume- into average/ above average. ‘Fanz Mi’ was an average song until the visual was shot in London by veteran director, Sesan. It later made the Best Song Of The Year’ category at the 2015 Headies Awards.

Like I said earlier, videos are good. However, a team of best directors in the world cannot save a terrible song.

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