Oshakmusicblog.com is one of the leading music websites in Nigeria that offers highly entertaining and engaging content that attracts up to forty five thousand page views a month with the majority of the views from viewers between the ages of 16 and 25. Oshakmusicblog.com is the ideal platform to directly present your products and services to your consumers. That is why you see ads in telecommunications, banking, electronics, travel and more on our site pages.

Stats Breakdown

  • Over 30,000 visitors a month
  • Over 45,000 page views a month
  • Visitors from over 40 countries with the highest level of visitors from Nigeria, Ghana, US, South Africa and UK
  • Average page time: 2 minutes

If you would like to advertise your products or services with us we offer the following banner sizes: 720×90, 300×600 and 350×250. The 720×90 banner goes in the site header which makes the ad the first thing any visitor who visits sees; it could also be in the footer where any visitor will end up. The 300×600 goes in the sidebar while the 350×250 goes below the post titles- this ad placement makes it impossible for any reader to ignore such ad.

For more enquiries, please send an email to femi@oshakmusicblog.com.