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Afro-Calypso: The New Nigerian Sound That Would Last Long Like Afrobeat

There is a new Nigerian sound that may also last very long as the Fela-invented Afobeat. I call it Afro-Calypso. I call it Afro-Calypso because it’s a fusion of Calypso- which is always heavily dominated by trumpet horns- and Afropop music. The Nigerian-born music genre, most times, sounds like Afrobeat. The sameness between the two genres is, however, not surprising considering the great influence of Calypso on the Afrobeat.

Who Invented Afro-Calypso?

Although I’m not not sure of who experimented the Afro-Calypso sound first,  I noticed the horns-filled African music genre a year ago when Seyi Shay dropped Yolo Yolo. In Yolo Yolo video, Seyi Shay makes it clear she deliberately laced Afropop with the Caribbean-born music.  The then-hit joint served as a model for similar sounds that were born afterwards. She could be said to be the inventor.

How Far Can It Go?

Like Afrobeat, the new genre would also probably last long because of the richness of its sound and the huge acceptance which it has received since it emerged. In a space of one year, Afro-Calypso has spread so fast like wild fire in Harmattan. That is why you see many Nigerian musicians doing it today. Producer D’Tunes’ Chika Bonita and Yemi Alade’s brand new fire, Open Close, are two of the most recent samples of the trending music genre.

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