Album Review: Adekunle Gold- ‘GOLD’

It has been hit upon hit since YBNL Nation act, Adekunle Gold, launched his music career. These hit singles are now tracks on his much talked about debut album. It is necessary to make a review of the total content of the 16-tracker to see how well he has done for himself and how far he would go with the album.  I present you with a fair review of the ‘GOLD’ album. The tracks will be reviewed one after the other and an overall rating will be arrived at in the end.

Production: B-Banks, Masterkraft, Oscar, Pheelz, SeyiKeyz, Sleekamo

Guest Feature: Simi

Adekunle Gold opens his album with Gold. Seyikeyz provided a soft, organ-produced instrumental to Adekunle’s narration of the story of his life. He says he went through tough times while growing up but something kept telling him he would be great someday. And now, he is living his dreams. He is now ”golden, I’m made of gold”. The simple theme and brevity of the track make it perfect for an introductory track- Rating: 3.5.  My Life is Nigerian Juju-inspired. Adekunle explores a music genre that is very similar to the modern Highlife music he is known for and he succeeds with a song characterized by nice instrumentals and lyrics reminiscent of traditional Juju music. He boasts: ”I am now very successful, God has got my back”- Rating: 3

Beautiful Night which is a Highlife tune talks about a particular night: ”Let’s stay up all night baby, tomorrow can wait”. Oscar and his production team engaged themselves with the drums, guitar and trumpet to create a nice melody to Adekunle Gold’s love wishes. A powerful love song- Rating: 4. While his first official single was still rocking the airwaves, Adekunle Gold dropped Orente which turned out to be a bigger song. It is a song that appeals to every age group- Rating: 4

Adekunle Gold presents a situation of severe heartbreak with Nurse Alabere. He pleads with his ex-girlfriend to come back to him with no success. He therefore calls for medical assistance: ”I have tried everything to forget this feeling, I have been pleading, I need healing”. He delivered the best of his vocal performance- Rating: 3.5. Friend Zone presents a scenario where a man who is in love with a particular lady  tells her not to put him in a friend zone: ”I say make you come my house, you dey come me your brother…I no be your brother”.  The powerful Nigerian Highlife tune sits on a guitar-rich instrumentation crafted by very gifted producer, Pheelz- Rating- 4

Paradise captures a man totally lost in love. He tells others not to find him as ”he is in safe hands”. The feeling is so pleasurable he feels on top of the world: ”I don High I don’t want to come down”. The hypnotic instrumentation Pheelz crafted once again complements greatly the singer’s diction and vocals- Rating: 4. My favourite track on the album is No Forget which is a dialogue between two lovers. The man expresses his fears about losing his girlfriend while away in search of a greener pasture. Simi replied in magical vocals she would wait for him and begs him to be careful. Super instrumentalist, Oscar, brought back the magic of the instrumentation of ‘Orente’ on the track. A great love song- Rating: 4.

You and I and the airwaves confirmed Pick Up to be a very good one a long time ago. There is no need saying much about this. Rating- 4. Work is a satire that mocks those who do not work hard and yet want the best of living. It rests on a nice Afrobeat instrumentation. Not a bad song- Rating: 2.5. Temptation presents a situation where a man is faced with temptation and pressure from his soldier-friend’s wife while he was away on military assignment. Despite the persistent plea by the woman, he held back. On top of the good theme of the song, talented producer Sleekamo created an instrumentation spiced with heavy trumpet sounds to the love story- Rating: 3.5

While it is common practice for many Nigerian artistes to diversify the songs they put on their albums,  Ariwo Ko is a bad attempt at dancehall. He should have stuck to his Highlife/ alternative style. Besides the odd genre, the song is too multiple-themed one would be confused on what he intends to pass across with this song. It is below average. Maybe a video to this may change my mind- Rating: 2.

Fight For You tells the story of a beautiful woman whose husband treats unfairly. Adekunle Gold tells her she doesn’t deserve the kind of treatment she gets and offers help. He assures her: ” To ba je Mike Tyson, mo ni size e lowo”: ”even if he is as powerful as Mike Tyson, I would try”. And if he cannot overpower him, ”mo ni bajinatu sile”: ”I have a gun to fight him”. Besides its cool lyrics that is laced with some comical lines, it sits amidst pure and rich instrumentals. Great track- Rating: 4. Ready is as good as ‘Pick Up’- Rating: 4. Though Masterkraft is a versatile producer, he brings out his best when it comes to Highlife tunes.  The magically fingered producer did wonders on Sweet Me– Rating: 3

The gifted singer wraps the album up with a love song that shot him into the spotlight- Sade. Rating: 3

Though all the tracks on the album were done in Nigerian Yoruba language, Adekunle Gold avoided what could have been a shortcoming with the injection of each of the tracks with lines in English and Pidgin English that would give a non-Yoruba speaking listener an idea of what each track is about. Apart from that, the melodies of many of the tracks could make you forget about the themes.

Overall Rating: 3.5




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