Album Review: Patoranking- ‘G.O.E’ (God Over Everything)

Nigerian Reggae/ Dancehall superstar, Patoranking, has finally released his much anticipated debut album, God Over Everything. It is not common practice for many Nigerian artistes to wait for that long before they debut their albums especially if their first official singles turned hits. It is necessary to make a review to know if the much anticipated album is worth the wait. I present you with a fair review of the ‘God Over Everything’ album.

Production: Dapiano, Dr Amir, E-Kelly, Gospelondebeatz, Major Bangz, Slick Mo, UC Prof, Wizzypro

Guest Appearances: Elephant Man,  Konshens, Kwam 1, Olamide, Phyno, Sarkodie

Patoranking takes us away from his norm with ‘Patoranking’. He unleashed the dancehall beast in him as he rendered hot dancehall rap verses to the upbeat tune birthed by Jamaican dancehall specialist, Ball Bay. He ends the track with: ”Welcome to God Over Everything tha album”. Great introductory track- Rating: 4/5. The singer follows with ‘G.O.E’ with which he acknowledges Selassie- whom the originators of reggae worship as their God- for his success in life. The wonder of the instrumentation is alone is sufficient for the album track- Rating: 3.5/5

‘Cheating Zone’ presents a scenario of a faithful woman. Despite a wooer’s persistence and pressure, she declines: ”I know you gat a man but mi  gat a better plan” ”No no no I gat a man waiting at home..No cheating zone”. Besides the great theme of faithfulness, the Reggae-tuned music was produced by Grammy award-winning producer, Jazzwad- Rating: 4/5. Patoranking brags about his current status with ‘Money’: ‘I first give them Alubarika, now dem dey find me for America, cos all my land na in kilometre, dem wan beat my speedometer’. His rhymes are complemented by Phyno’s indigenous vibes. Wizzypro fused heavy strings sounds with keyboard sounds to form a base for the powerful Highlife tune to sit on- Rating: 4/5. ‘Killing’ me is another Highlife tune on the album. Though not as rich as ‘Money’, it still passes for a good track because of its lyrical content and the EKelly-created beat. Rating: 3/5

‘This Kind Luv’ talks about Patoranking’s craze for a particular girl: ”For all mi body I go draw your tattoo/ If I were to choose I’ll choose another you”. Wizkid who has bias for Afrobeat, love songs and dancehall was at his best with his uncommon vocals to complement Sarz’s groovy beat and Patoranking’s dope lyrics. Rating: 4/5.  Super producer, Gospelondebeatz welcomes you into ‘Writing On The Wall’ with horns that would send you into a spiritual mood. This is so suitable because many reggae songs are very spiritual with a theme of thanksgiving for Jah’s blessings and protection. Patoranking says  ”Lord is my strength, my money so long mi don know the length…I have been catapulted to a Higher realm”’. The track sits in a typical mid-tempo reggae instrumentation- Rating: 4

Wizzypro-produced ‘Forever’ is a heavy dancehall tune with not-too-bad lyrics. The unending chorus however makes it so boring-Rating: 2.5/5. Patoranking teamed up with Ghanaian rap superstar, Sarkodie for Gospelondebeatz-produced ‘No Kissing Baby’. The rapper did justice to the track with his great vibes in a fusion of his mother tongue and Pidgin English- Rating: 3.5/5

Patoranking engages rapper and singer Olamide on Nigerian dancehall music titled ‘Mama Aboyo’. We all know Olamide is versatile, but he does not seem to the best man for the job. Patoranking ought to have chosen an artiste from the Ajegunle-born music genre. Major Bangz’s up-beat filled the void- Rating: 3/5.  The singer describes a situation whereby he finds himself in love with a ‘Stammerer’. ”I’m in love with a stammerer and her name is stammerer”. He is so in love he fears: ”How would I feel If you pass away”. Besides Wizzypro’s production wizadry on the beat, the theme of true love makes it a good track- Rating: 4/5

Most reggae records centre around love. ‘Love Town’ does the same. Magical producer, Dr Amir supports Patoranking’s lyrics with typical reggae instrumentation which is usually rich in drums, guitar and keyboard sounds. Patoranking confirms with this track he is one the masters of Reggae in Africa- Rating: 4/5. Patoranking prepares us for ‘Hale Hale’ with an intro: ” I was already done with tha album but I just had to go back to the studio to do this one just for you”. The track is about his burning desire for a particular girl. He sang pleadingly on the cool melodies of E-Kelly’s craft: ”Can I be the one to know you? / Can I be the one to show you/ Can I be the one to hold you/ Can I be the one love you?” Rating: 4/5

No need to say much about ‘Daniella Whine’. Jamaican dancehall superstars, Elephant Man and Konshens assisted Patoranking for an upbeat party-rocking jam that was produced by two of Jamaica’s best producers- Slick Mo and UC Prof. Rating: 4/5. ‘Beautiful’ is another love song on the album. Patoranking chose to express himself this way: ”I might not be the right one, but in you mi made the right choice…Heaven knows you are blessed…Let your loving fire burn inna mi soul you are blessed from creation, beautiful angels around you”. Besides his deep choice of words, the spiritual song sits in a rich instrumentation crafted by super pianist and producer, Dapiano- Rating: 4/5

Patoranking diversifies the content of his album with the end track he calls ‘Ayinde’. He teamed up with fuji legend, Kwam 1 for the fuji-fused tune. Though confusing because of its multi-themes, the melodies of this track will put a smile on your face and get you on the dancefloor-Rating: 3/5

Patoranking has done well for himself and the reggae/dancehall world with ‘God Over Everything’. He teamed up with the best of producers and the greatest of artistes from home and abroad.The album would definitely give Patoranking a recognition on the international reggae-dancehall scene. And the album is, indeed, worth the wait.

Final Rating: 3.7/5



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