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Why Pheelz Is A Better Producer Than Young John

I have heard many people talk about and compare the production abilities of the two YBNL Nation’s in-house producers- Pheelz and Young John. I have heard many say the latter is better than the former. Is Young John is good producer? Yes. He is a fantastic producer and also an award-winning one but I personally do not admit he is a better producer than Pheelz.

Young John has thrilled us severally with the power of his sounds from Story For The Gods to Shakiti Bobo, Pepper Dem Gang and song of the moment Wo!!. The super skillful producer has proven to us times without number he has the magic in his fingers and that this magic could take you off your seat to the dance floor any day. However, it can’t be about dance all the time. Pheelz may make less upbeat sounds. That does not make him an inferior producer to Young John. Pheelz has those upbeat sounds in him too- which he has shown in a number of songs- but seldom craft them because he specializes in Hip-Hop sounds. His appearance as the producer of many tracks on the tracklists of some top Nigerian Hip-Hop albums as Olamide’s Eyan Mayweather and The Glory and Lil Kesh’s Y.A.G.I says a lot about his bias.

Yet, his versatility takes him out of his preferred music genre (comfort zone), many times, to other genres which he births well too. If you doubt his multi-abilities, the debut Gold album of  Adekunle Gold which is an Alternative/ Highlife album which was almost single-handedly produced by the super talented producer, would convince you. The singer’s latest dancehall-fused hit single Call On Me would blow your mind, make you agree Pheelz is a better producer and would also remind you he could also make you dance.

If you think I am wrong, please state why below and I will engage you in a conversation.


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