How Kel P Vibes Became A Big Star On The Nigerian Music Scene

It is now safe to say Nigerian music producer, Kel P Vibes, has ‘officially’ joined the league of Nigeria’s finest music producers. You may wonder: Who is Kel P Vibes and how is he one of the hottest producers? I will tell you about him and how he climbed the ladder to become one of the most sought-after producers of 2018.

The talented music maker had been around but wasn’t noticed not until this year when he made Solidstar’s hit, Eleganza, that earned him a space in the spotlight. Kel P Vibes ‘ major breakthrough, however, came with the release of Ceeza Milli’s Yapa which was a chart-topper. Since then, he keeps soaring like a bird. Kel P Vibes has done so well for himself this year he recently got the attention and endorsement of one of Nigeria’s greatest talents, Burna Boy, whose fresh tune Gbona and hugely trending Dancehall fire On The Low were produced by him.

His recent achievements have finally placed him in a spot where his production services would now be needed more often by up and coming artistes and the big ones. Watch out!



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