Lil Kesh: A Rap Artiste or Pop Artiste?

For some time now, there has been controversy amongst Nigerian music analysts over which genre Nigerian artiste, Lil Kesh belongs to. While many argue he is a rapper, some argue he is nothing but a Pop artiste.


Some argue he is a Pop singer because he sings in most of his songs. Well, that you sing well and often does not make him a pop star. Pop stars do not drop rap verses while a rapper does.As a rapper, singing your song choruses does not make you less a rapper. Rather, it shows versatility and how talented you are as an artiste.We have seen Hip-hop heavyweights like Tupac, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake- to mention a few- do this. Locally, Reminisce and Olamide do this.

I believe he is a rapper and his songs released so far should confirm him a rapper: Lyrically, his Lil Kesh’s first official single with three rap verses. This is hip hop. In Shoki, he dropped one weak verse. Efejoku has 2 rap verses. In Gbese, he dropped two rap verses. Here, he delivered two good rap verses in  Is it because I love? In Ibile, he dropped only one weak, short, rap verse.

Yesterday, the artiste released a new single, Cause Trouble ft Ycee. Here Lil Kesh dropped two strong verses.

It is important to note that he made number 7 on the list of ”top ten rappers 2015” which I consider a fair rating:

His debut album which is to be released later this month will prove to us if he is rap artiste or not.


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