Lil Kesh: Time Is of The Essence

mr lolade

When young and talented Nigerian hitmaker Lil kesh left Olamide-owned YBNL, music analysts became divided  on whether the time was ripe for the youngster to leave. Some strongly believe he ought to have renewed his contract with his former record label to earn more mentoring and experience before taking such decision. Others, however, argue he doesn’t have to stay for too many years before he can stay on his own. I belong to the camp of observers who believe it was a right move and I discussed, in an earlier post, the reasons why he would survive as an independent artiste. Lil Kesh released yesterday the visual for ‘Ishe’, a track off his debut album, Y.AG.I.  Though the video could pass for an average video, I believe so much was expected from an artiste whom many observers have been keeping an eye on as to what next would serve us.

‘Ishe’  is a Dancehall tune which explains why Adasa Cookey made use of the High School uniform-dressed dancers who exhibited nice reggae-inspired choreography. The story, however, was not well visually presented- maybe another director would have done the job better. Videos are meant to push songs to a more acceptable level. I doubt if this could do what it is intended for. The video may further strengthen the argument of many music observers who believe the time was not ripe for him to leave YBNL.

If the rapper is to prove this set of observers wrong and if he is to maintain and possibly enlarge his fan base, one step must be taken: Lil Kesh has to come out with a banger. A song that would be as big as the likes of ‘Shoki’, ‘Gbese’ and ‘Efejoku’ released under his own Record label: Y.A.G.I Records. With that, he will prove to the whole world he could really be independent and this has to be done in all possible haste as time is of the essence.

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