Liquid Mix: Antras’ Sound Engineer You Should Watch Out For In 2019

Just a year ago, mixing and mastering was the ‘exclusive right’ of a few Nigerian sound engineers like Suka Sounds, Indomix and Mix Monsta. Today, more people have shown interest in the vocation and the space has now become competitive. Nigerian producer Antras’ sound engineer, Liquid Mix, is one of the new kids of the block.

You may wonder: Who is Liquid Mix? I noticed his ingenuity for the first time myself in Barry Jhay’s Go Down which dropped in December last year. After listening to the song a number of times, I realized he was going places. It, therefore, did not come to me as a surprise when I later found out the talented sound engineer is responsible for the mixing and mastering of Barry Jhay’s monster hit, Aiye.

Liquid Mix reassures us of his gift few days ago when Barry Jhay released a remake of one of his late father/ legendary Fuji musician, Ayinde Barrister’s timeless records. Though a number of instruments were played to the song, the agreement and clearness of all the instruments played and reinforcement of the sound is superb.

Watch out for Liquid Mix this 2019!!


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