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Musa Moe: A Director Par Excellence

Musa Moe is one of the ‘old boys’ in the music video directing business in Nigeria. The London-based director has worked with quite a number of Nigerian artistes on locations many times in the UK and Nigeria and even in the United States for the production of nice videos as ‘Many Things’ by May D, Patoranking’s ‘My woman’, Wande Coal’s ‘Superwoman’, ¬†Olamide’s ‘Shakiti Bobo’ and ‘Melo Melo’, ‘Shuperu’ by Orezi, ‘Ko Le Ye Won’ by D’banj, Oritshefemi’s ‘Double Wahala’ Part 2 and Korede Bello’s ‘Romantic’.

He is very skilled in every aspect of directing from choreography to costuming, montages and story-telling. The talented director does not hide his love for aerial shots. This is evident in his works as ‘Shakiti Bobo’, ‘Romantic’, ‘Double Wahala’ Part 2 and ‘Superwoman’. Another area he is skilled at is choreography. He coordinates excellently group dances in his videos. Since he is the one that takes total production credit for his videos, he could be said to be a talented choreographer. Videos as ‘My Woman’, ‘Shuperu’, ‘Many Things’ and ‘Shakiti Bobo’ which were well-choreographed attest to this.

He is also a great story-teller and he proved this in 2013 with a film he shot for R&B/ Dancehall singer, May D for ‘Many Things’. ¬†He told a story of slavery, true love and freedom. In the video, May D rescued his girl from white slave masters: a very touching story. The costuming was excellent too. Another instance of his great story-telling skills is Wande Coal’s ‘Superwoman’. Here he told the story of a street hustler who would do anything to make his girl happy. His girlfriend was mistakenly shot when he was busted for on suspicion of involvement in some street-related vices: quite dramatic.

Though not based in Nigeria, Musa Moe is one super-skilled director who has created a niche for himself on the Nigerian music video directing scene.

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