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Popito: Meet The Dance Song Specialist


Popito may not be as popular as some top Nigerian music producers, he is one of the best. His sounds have the healing power to get the crippled out of his seat to the dance floor. Orezi is one of the artistes he has worked with the most and he is responsible for the singer’s  ‘Shoki’. The very melodious dance song invented a dance move that got people of all age groups dancing to at home and abroad in 2014. It became so popular there was hardly any street you walk on, club or party you go to that you would not hear the bass-loaded banging tune.

The Popito-produced sound placed Orezi in the ‘Next Rated Artiste’ category at the prestigious Headies Awards at the end of that year. Before the year ran out, Orezi released another dance tune ‘Shuperu’. Though not as popular as ‘Shoki’, it rocked the airwaves and dance floors. Popito is one talented producer who is able to provide a beat to any music genre. However, he does not hide his bias for dance songs. This bias made him team up with Orezi, Skales and Kayswitch last year first official single. Considering his talent and the tested abilities of the three lovers of dance song, it is no surprise they birthed groovy ‘Your Problem’.  And in 2016, he continues to do what he know how to do best.

His production ingenuity is more felt in a brand new ‘145’ Orezi released a couple of days. The super-producer engaged himself with electronic organ, guitar, harmonica and the soundboard to create a hypnotic tune that would get you high, dancing in your mind and shaking your head before you hurriedly get into your dancing shoes and before you know it, start digging it on the dance floor. Popito has definitely carved himself a niche among his peers in Nigeria because of his wizardry in the area of  dance song-making.


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