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What Scanty Lyrics Do To Songs: Kcee- ‘Tinana’ (A Review)


I bet many Nigerian music lovers know Five Star Music’s Kcee to be a man of not too many words. He has so many songs that support my claim. His latest single calls for a review because of the hype before its release and the hope that the new song would be different from songs released in the past. I present you with a review of ‘Tinana’.

The instrumentation of ‘Tinana’ is super. The song was produced by very gifted and award-winning producer, Del B and mixed and mastered by Foster Zion who is one of the best sound engineers at the moment. Kcee ought to have blessed such great beat with a more meaningful and voluminous lyrics. Rather, the singer went ahead to render two very short verses that hardly contain thirty words each: ”I will fight cos it’s right/ I will break through I will stay true to the words I say to the song I made/ Baby baby how amazing love is crazy crazy crazy”. Much more is expected of a song we longed for that much.

We all know the role music videos play. They are meant to promote a a song to a more acceptable level. Kcee, in a move to cover up for the scantiness of his lyrics, chose super talented music video director, Musa Moe, for the video shoot of ‘Tinana’. The director captured very catchy shots at some exotic locations to create a visual rich with beautiful aerial shots and romantic scenes. I doubt if the efforts of the director, producer and sound engineer can save this song. Like I maintain in many of my posts, it takes more than great beat and expensive videos to make a good song- lyrics matter too.

His past releases are far better than the new joint. This is below average. If you think ‘Tinana’ is great music, tell me why below.


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