Simi: The Soaring Profile Of An Amazing Singer


Afropop/Alternative singer, Simi, is no doubt one of the fastest rising female singers in the Nigerian music industry today. Her talent won her a nomination in the ‘Best Female Vocalist’ category at the last Headies Awards. She warmed herself into the hearts of many Nigerian music followers when she dropped her sarcastic and comical love song titled ‘Jamb Question’. She made a very appropriate choice when she called on comical lyricist for a remix of the song. He rendered a very relevant soft rap verse rich in rhymes  and humour. Though ‘Open and Close’ she followed up with was not as hot as ‘Jamb Question’ and almost could change one’s thoughts about her future, she upped her game when featured in ‘Soldier’. The song could have passed for an average song if not for the singer’s addition of her bewitching vocals. Her image soared further when she dropped  ‘Love Don’t Care’ in the beginning of the year.

The song addresses the social issue of tribal discrimination exhibited by Nigerian parents on the choice of tribes their sons and daughters should marry from and stresses how love overpowers tribal differences. She released, a couple of weeks ago, the visual for the song’. The potential award-winning video captures the core message of the song. Simi is not ready to take a chill as she dished out barely a couple of days ago, a new joint.  She jumped on Drake’s hit song ‘Controlla’ for a remix. She engaged Drake in a dialogue that sounded like they recorded it together in a studio. She relied him: ” I’d lie for you, I think I would die for you/ I’ll probably cry for you if you like I can dance for you”.  Simi’s ‘Controlla‘ remix is a great work which has the power to launch her onto the international music scene.

Simi’s hardwork, powerful vocals, lyrical depth and high quality of music which constantly powers her soaring profile may eventually earn her nominations in different categories at different coming 2016 Awards.




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