Spellz: A Master On The Keys


The keyboard is a very important instrument in the music production process. There is hardly any good music producer who would say he is not conversant with the use of the musical instrument. While many are very good at playing the musical instrument, some are super-skilled. Nigerian producer, Spellz, is one of such producers whose super skills are turned on whenever their fingers land on the keys. When you listen to any Nigerian music and you hear the signature ‘listen’, know that the magically fingered beatmaker is the one responsible for the instrumentation of such song.

He has produced many hit songs for several artistes in Nigeria and in most of his songs you sense his mastery of the keyboard. His bias and ingenuity is most evident in one of his most recent works, ‘Officially Blind’ by 2baba and Dammy Krane’s ‘Amin’. He crafted a very apt instrumentation to complement the lyrical content of 2baba’s great love tune. The instrumentation alone has the power to make the single long for love; the power to make the love-struck love harder;  and the power to present the heartbroken with memories of the sweet past.

The producer with his uncommon mastery of the keyboard turned ‘Amin’ that could have passed for an average song into a hit song. Spellz has proven to us with many of  his works he is a master of his art: playing the keyboard for great music production. Expect from the greatly talented producer- in the near future- more songs filled with the soul-feeding sounds of this wonderful musical tool.


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