Top 5 Sound Engineers In Nigeria

Gone are the days when artistes took absolute credit for their songs. Nowadays, producers add their signature to songs produced to alert their fans of their contributions to such songs. Those that followed suit are sound engineers whose duties are to mix and balance the levels of different sounds to consummate studio recording before such finished works are released. If you are a follower of Nigerian music, you must have heard the signature of at least two of the sound engineers- Suka Sounds and Indomix- in the songs they mixed.

You hear Suka Sounds in almost every song you listen to. He has done more mixing than any of his contemporaries. He has mixed many hit songs few of which are ‘Ferrari’ and ‘Eleko’. Indomix is another popular sound engineer who has mixed many hit songs. He is well known for mixing heavy Hip-Hop tunes. He is the one responsible for the mixing and perfection of two heavy Hip Hop hit songs in 2015: Reminisce’s Local ‘Rappers’ and Vector’s ‘King Kong’. The two rappers won awards with the songs at the 2015 Headies Awards.

Sheyman doubles as an artiste and a sound engineer. Although not as popular as the earlier mentioned ones, he is good and well-known to some too. Tha Suspect, who is also a rapper and label mate to Hip-Hop star, Illbliss, has mixed songs for the latter and artistes signed to his record label- Capital Hill Music- a number of times.  He is the one responsible for the mixing of Illbliss’ recently released ‘Ayakata’ that is currently rocking the airwaves. Tee Piano may be unknown to many, but he mixed and perfected ‘Kom Kom’ a track off Yemi Alade’s Mama Africa album. The song is a powerful Highlife love tune with a smooth blend of diverse sounds.

I know there are more sound engineers out there- that your names are not mentioned in this article does not make you less talented. It is just a belief.



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