Why Five Star Music Should Stick to Highlife


Five Star Music is disputably one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria. It parades acts like Kcee, Harrysong, Skibii and recently-signed X Busta and a producer, Dr Amir. Although they do pop songs, most of their songs are Highlife. They employ the service of very skilled producers in this area to achieve excellent results. They have worked with Del B on many occasions. Last year, they signed to the record label Dr Amir who produced smash hit: ‘Reggae Blues’.  While Kcee and Harrysong do Highlife, Skibii does strictly pop songs: All his songs dropped so far are pop from ‘Stay With Me’ to ‘Sampu Ekwe’, ‘Aye Mi’ and ‘Ah Skibii’.

Skibii was battered on the social media last year when he was rumoured dead. Subsequently, he released ‘Sampu Ekwe’. Many thought it was a publicity stunt to promote a non-famous Skibii. He saved his image when he released a nice, melodious and meaningful song titled ‘Aye Mi’. He however messed up again when he released ‘Ah Skibii’ a couple of days ago. If Five Star Music was serious about their image, they ought to have stopped their act from releasing such a song: it has a good beat but very poor lyrics. This may actually put off his fans and strengthen the belief of those who feel he is not talented.

Few days ago, they unveiled a newly signed rap artiste, X Busta. It seems like an attempt to diversify the kind of music they dish out. While it is good to diversify, it is unclear if their latest signee is a joker or a rap artiste. Five star music should have stuck to Highlife Music they are known for. The recent developments at Five Star Music may drop their rating as one of the top record labels in Nigeria.


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